Interior Design

Find out about the wide range of products we stock, services we provide and our team of highly experienced staff

Our interior design shop is the perfect partner to our specialist paint shop.

We have the most up to date wallcovering and fabric designs, by the best designers, from Abbott and Boyd to Zoffany. Collections available to view from from top designers including: Arte, Cole and Son, Omexco, Osborne & Little.

Our friendly, helpful and experienced staff are always on hand to help with those home changing decisions and their expert knowledge is your assurance that the product you choose will be the right one for your home. With extensive training under their belt, our interior designers are equipped to offer the best advise on those big home decisions. We are able to offer detailed advise on colour schemes, and create mood boards to help you pick out designs and colours for your home.

We also have a carefully chosen selection of fine furniture and accessories available, including our ever changing collection of cushions, tiebacks, luxurious throws, curtain poles and much more.

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Grace Garwood – Grace did work experience with us in 2015 before becoming our Saturday girl. After studying interior design, Grace is now working with us full time. She was appointed department manager in January 2023.

Michele Fullick – Michelle also joined us in 2022 on a part time basis. Michele has worked as a designer at John Lewis.

Rosie Fullilove – Rosie joined us full time in November 2022. Rosie has a degree in graphic design & has been keen to move into the interior design industry.

Krutika Mistry joined us in 2022 as a Saturday girl.