From the catwalk to our homes

Many of our interior design trends can also be seen among the fashion industry.

There are many similarities between the two, both working with colour, patterns & textures. You will often notice that the runway defines what is to come in interior design. Each offer an artistic way to express oneself, and so you see many similarities between the way one might dress to how their interiors are designed.

One trend we have seen cross over is ‘Sunset Hues’. Predicted to be a big trend for 2023, pinks, reds and yellows are making a come back. Even deep mustards and chocolate browns are proving increasingly popular. These warm & nourishing tones have been seen during fashion week shows across the globe and are most definitely making their way into our homes.

Along with the still trending green hues, these colours express our collective desire for a closeness to nature. These cosy colours are a welcome change from the cold greys we have seen for so long in the industry.

Colour of the year predictions show a variety of these shades;

Pantone – Viva Magenta

Dulux – Wild Wonder

Benjamin Moore – Raspberry Blush

And while we have also seen a clear boucle trend within the interior design industry the last year, it is going no where. Check out some looks from Chanel’s 2023 runway:

Not only is it obvious that the signature boucle of Chanel is here to stay, these colours are a clear link to our ‘Colour of the Year’ hues mentioned earlier.

We have also noticed an increase in demand for stripes. With new collections from Osborne & Little showcasing stunning stripes in colours not seen before. You can get a sneak peak of a stripe in the shirt of this Chanel look.

Striking reds hitting both our homes & our wardrobes!

What are your thoughts on the current trends?

Tips for creating the perfect space for YOU

With the likes of Instagram, Pinterest & an influx of bloggers, we often find oursleves wondering what else can be done in our interiors. Ever-changing trends only add to the FOMO.

It’s important to remember that what works in your favourite celebrity’s home or in Elle Decor magazine, won’t necessarily work for you or your home. Lighting, room size, orientation & architectural style of the home, all need to be taken into consideration – as well as your own style! We often find ourselves telling our clients that while pushing the boundaries is great – don’t fight what you like, because, likelihood is you won’t be wanting to go through the decorating process again in the very near future.

But if you do, we’ll be here to help.

Another tip – don’t let too many opinions influence your decisions. It’s easy to get carried away asking friends and family ‘what they think’ and it’s even easier to stray from your own style to that of someone else. Designing a space can be very personal, with the finished look impacting how you feel within it. With this in mind, I recommend seeking the advice of those who understand this. We work by not only learning your interior likes and dislikes but also recognising the kind of space you need. This allows us to point you in the right direction to achieve exaclty what you’re seeking.

As much as we all love a good pinterest moodboard, similarly to having one too many opinions, this can sometimes be more of a hinderance than a help. Pinterest & Instagram are wonderful tools for inspiration and ideas, however it is far too common that we get fixated on a particular image & replicating exactly that. Remember that these houses are not always as pristine as they seem – they must all be lived in! In a day and age where it’s not unusual for images to be filtered & photoshopped, it’s easy to make a space appear different from it’s reality. Lighting and angles play a big part in this too. So trying samples of your paint, wallpaper & fabric is so important, to see how your lighting affects them. Then you can create your own #interiordesigngoals.

UPDATE: Re-opening of the paint shop!

We hope you are well and have remained safe during this difficult time.

The paint shop is now open from 8.00am -5pm, Monday – Friday.
There will be a limit of two customers in the shop at one time. Masks must be worn at all times in the shop & we ask that social distancing is respected.

The interior design side of the business is open on an appointment only basis. Appointments are taken on the hour from 10am – 4pm.  Due to the social distancing restrictions we can only allow 2 people (from the same household) in at any one time. The appointment time will be 15 minutes in duration. We will provide gloves and masks for use during the appointment so we can show you pattern books and paint boards. Please feel free to bring your own face covering, if you prefer. We will not be lending out the books at this time but can order you samples.

For interior design appointments please email us with your preferred day and time options and we will call you back to confirm. Our email address is

For paint enquiries please email

Both sides of the business are open Saturday’s 9am – 5pm, however the interior design shop will still be by appointment only.

We look forward to serving you