Charity Event THANKYOU

Over the month of August we set out to raise some funds for OVACOME Charity. With a series of challenges walking, running, rowing & cycling.

Pat (GC Johnsons) owner & Hardip (Valley Hill Builders Merchant’s) walked 100 miles in and around Epping Forest

Matt cycled 450 miles

Paul rowed 45 miles, run 90 miles & cycled 315miles

We would like to give a massive THANK YOU to everyone who supported and sponsored us..

With your help & support we raised a massive £1822.88 !!

That’s the equivalent of 21 months of online support groups and workshops for someone diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Little Greene NEW Colours 2023

Little Greene is releasing a new colour range this September.

‘Sweet Treats’ is a palette of nine delectable paint colours, including eight new shades and one existing Little Greene colour…

A curated collection of paint colours designed to bring warmth and comfort to your home. ‘Sweet Treats’ comprises a selection of warm neutral shades of honey, caramel and chocolate, which will allow you to create cosy and enveloping interior schemes that appeal to all the senses.

The collection includes both trend-led colour creations and time-honoured shades which have been accurately recreated from historic walls, woodwork and furnishings at a number of places in the care of the National Trust.

Sweet Treats, Here’s a sneak peak at the colours.

Little Greene Sweet Treats
Little Greene Sweat Treats
Little Greene Madeleine 338
Little Greene Bombolone 339
Little Greene Galette 340
Little Greene Split Pink 341
Little Greene Affogato 342
Little Greene Muscovado 343
Little Greene Mochi 344
Little Greene Ganache 345
Little Greene Chocolate Colour 124

The NEW range of colours should be realeased September the 18th..

Please see instore for details, colour cards and samples.

Facebook Polls

We decided to have some fun on Facebook & Instagram and see what every ones favourites where ?

The Results are IN!!!

Drum roll please…

Now I must admit I was surprised with this, the winner was BROWN Sauce!!

Next up we have Biscuits!!

Results are in..

Well this turned out to be a bit of a tie.. Bourbons, Ginger Nuts & Nice.

BUT we did miss off the most popular biscuit Chocolate Hobnobs!!!

And is a Jaffa cake a biscuit or a cake ?

This come down to a court case between Mcvitie’s & Her Majesty’s customs and excise, & was to do with VAT. Mcvitie’s baked a giant Jaffa cake to prove that Jaffa cakes were really cakes and not biscuits. In the end Mcvitie’s won and Jaffa cakes were recognised as chocolate covered cakes.. VAT exempt

Next Poll to follow later..

What shade do you like you Tea.. Strong or Milky..

Mug of tea or Cup and Saucer ?

Keep an eye out for these from time to time, get your vote in