Bring the outdoors in

Osborne & Little

As we move from summer into Autumn, nights get darker & days get colder. We often find ourselves spending a lot more time inside than out. But with nature playing a big role in our lives, why not use indoor foliage & botanical prints to bring the outdoors in.

We are continuing to see a trend of tropical designs, whether it is through wallpaper or fabrics. Even accessories such as vases have proven popular in shades of green. With science studies showing that looking at green hues can decrease your heart rate & alleviate stress, it’s no wonder we are all drawn to it! Who doesn’t want to alleviate stress?

It’s not just wallpapers & fabrics though, the industry have also seen a rise in green kitchens. This could be just the island or all units, green has been a hit either way.

So here are a couple of my favourites to inspire your own botanical themed interior:

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