Damp Solutions!

The Autumn is with us and all of a sudden the weather will change, the lights will go on earlier and the heating will be fired up again. While it’s nice to snuggle in when it’s cold outside the problems it can bring can drive you mad. The one I’m talking about specifically is DAMP! There are loads of reasons why damp occurs, usually leaks or condensation. Here at G C Johnson’s we’ve got the solution to pretty much every cause of damp from condensation curing

Red Lining Insulation by Erfurt

 Zinsser Primer – Sealer Stain Killers, Zinsser Perma White Anti Condensation Paint,

Krud Kutter Mildewcide Paint Additive,

Thompsons Water Sealers

and absolutely loads more…………………

Simply tell us what your problem is and we’ll give you all the advice you’ll need to solve it and we’ll offer you a selection of the best ways to get rid of your damp problem and keep it gone!

Damp? What damp? 😉



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