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About Farrow & Ball
Farrow & Ball creates richly pigmented paint colours in an eco-friendly water base, helping you to colour your home beautifully, effortlessly, and sustainably. At the brand’s home in Dorset, the finest responsibly sourced ingredients and 75 years of colour expertise go into every tin.

About In-Can Tinting
In-can tinting allows us to create authentic Farrow & Ball paint in any combination of colour and finish you might need.* The paint bases we use are made at the Farrow & Ball factory in Dorset, England, using exactly the same balance of high-quality ingredients as ready-mixed Farrow & Ball paints. These are then blended in-store to order with a precise balance of pigments, which follow brand-secret recipes to create consistently beautiful colours every time.

*Excludes specialist finishes Limewash and Soft Distemper.

Image: Farrow & Ball

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