Go bold or go home!

Now is the time to embrace bold wallpapers. It has been said by several leading names within the interior design community that bright, bold colours and patterns are taking over from grey, beige and neutral interiors.  Here is our how to guide to using pattern on all walls.

Something to bear in mind when choosing your print is your own personal taste and style. If you like neutral tones, go for a neutral toned design, pops of colour can always be added in other forms, “don’t do crazy for crazy’s sake”. This is a mistake people make time and time again in an attempt to push themselves too far out of their comfort zone- remember this is a paper you will have to live with. But don’t let this put you off having pattern all the way round, there are plenty of designs to suit all tastes.

Test it out, a children’s room is a good way to try your hand at pattern. Children tend to be more open to embrace this sudden impact of colour and pattern, so this is often a good way to introduce all over wallpaper into your home. Another great way to try this out is by decorating a downstairs toilet, this is a great space to be a bit daring and have some fun!

If you’re feeling brave, make a real statement with a hallway filled with pattern. By keeping everything else neutral, a bold entrance can be the perfect pop of life to welcome guests.

The most important point to remember is to not fight what you like! If you’re looking for further advise be sure to come in store to speak to our staff.


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