Mildew, mould, damp, condensation…

Black mold on window sills: Causes, treatment & prevention

It’s that time of year (again!) when the boring old problems of damp, condensation and inevitably, mildew and mould, can raise their ugly heads.

How to get rid of mould from your ensuite ceiling -

Even when areas are ventilated and the central heating is firing it still seems to crawl into bathroom nooks and crannies, behind furniture on outside facing walls on window sills and in colder, north facing rooms.

This can cause problems with chest infections and respiratory functions so it’s never been more important to keep it under control.

Fear not, though, we have plenty of options to help you solve the problem or even keep it at bay!

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From insulating lining papers and mould proof adhesives to mould cleaners, anti condensation paints, mould proof paints and stain blockers we have got the answer, whatever the question!

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Please pop in to our Buckhurst Hill or Harlow shops for a chat, email us or simply give us a call, explain what and where your issue is and allow us to assist you in making your home or workplace a mould proof and safer environment.

Be well.


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