Natural Living

The use of natural materials in the home is ever increasing. Wood, ratan, and linen are just a few that are becoming more present in our interiors.

For many, using these natural materials balances our otherwise overly computer-connected lives. As the amount of technology we use continues to increase, adding natural elements to your home can help to offset this & feel more connected to nature.

Natural elements work as stunning neutrals with the ability to add an instant feeling of style & luxury.

Using 100% natural materials comes at a cost, so we are lucky that many companies have created amazing dupes to give you the look without the price tag. One example is Stoopen & Meus with their Conqrete paint. A concrete effect paint that gives you that industrial look & feel of real concrete.

Using natural materials ( or look-a-like alternatives ) give a space a timeless look that will last a lifetime.

Images by Arte – Le Rotin 60510

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