New Dulux livery and Armstead launch

Dulux Trade have a new livery coming to the market as we speak. It’s based on the silver and multi-coloured flag emblem adopted by all Dulux brands.

They’ve also launched a new product range under the name Armstead to replace the now defunct Glidden brand………

Dulux are having their first re branding in living memory, the idea being to add visual value to their market leading product quality. They are spending £12million, yes £12million on the trade brands for advertising including this advert:

They’ve also spent a fortune on increasing product quality and introducing products like High Performance Diamond Eggshell…..literally the best performing interior paint I have ever seen!

Cuprinol hasn’t escaped their attention either, a huge TV campaign featuring a little man in a tiny plane checking out the state of your garden is on the way… is a fantastic new decking product….

Keep ’em peeled, we’ll have it all on the shelves very soon!

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