New window displays

Our new Autumn/Winter window displays are now in. The large window features Romo Black Edition Herberia wallpaper. It is a very striking wide width textured vinyl. The whole window reflects the current catwalk trends: velvet, vintage Gothic, Old Masters and dark greens. The small window showcases the other trend for blush, a hangover from Spring/Summer. We have used Jane Churchill’s new Atmosphere collection and unlike previous displays we have used the same design on wallpaper and fabric to great effect. Both windows are dark and moody but show how the use of dark colours can be warm. Come and see for yourself, I recommend driving past at night to get the full impact. Did you know everything in the window is available to buy or order, this includes the ever popular Nobilis throws. They are back in store and the Hermine and Castor are on display in the windows. Come in to see the full range, no other throw is quite as luxurious.

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