The future of feature walls?

Whilst feature walls are still in high demand, as we progress further into 2018, we are seeing a big move away from feature walls. Subtle textures on all walls is becoming an increasingly popular trend and provides the modern hotel look that so many are after.

Although we still love the funky feature look, brands such as Arte are truly coming into their own showcasing beautiful textured vinyls that are both practical and effective. Using a more subtle, soft palette with a fun texture allows more experimentation with accessories, cushions, curtains and chairs can burst with creative colour and pattern.  Neutral walls provide more scope within the scheme for accent pieces to be added as you please. It also makes for a more seasonal space, spring can convey pastels and lively patterns, meanwhile winter will present dark, cosy velvets.

Textured papers often come in the form of a vinyl and are hard-wearing and washable, meaning that they are one of the more robust wall-coverings out there. They also don’t have to cost lots. This rich look can be achieved on a budget, brands such as Galerie or Clarke & Clarke offer a great range of textures that look the every bit of luxury. Older collections such as Zoffany Mosaic and Elementi still hold their ground with a timeless look that is as popular as ever, new collections are continuing to be launched, like Osborne & Little Lucenta Vinyls, bringing a fresh, modern twist to the vinyl market. 

Wallpapering the whole way round a room doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams of a dramatic space. Drama can be brought out though textures and patterns alike. By using dark colours or heavy textures, your desire for drama can be fulfilled. 

If you still crave a bold design, bring it in through fabrics! To find out more about how to do so, keep an eye out for our next blog.

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