UPDATE: COVID-19 Coronavirus government ruling and our reaction to this.

A message from Pat Wallace.

Covid 19 Coronavirus government ruling and our reaction to this.

Dear Customers, suppliers, friends,

Following the governments announcements regarding the closure of non essential businesses in order to help contain and beat the Coronavirus Pandemic we are very surprised to find that we are allowed to stay open.
We are classified as home or hardware retailers.
However, I feel that it is our moral duty to do everything we can to help NHS service and people at risk during this time.

We will remain closed at our shops for the near future, if this changes we will be in touch to let you know.
I believe that there are far more important things to concern ourselves with than opening our shops.
I believe that the health and safety of my staff, my customers and my business associates is of the utmost importance so in order to avoid unnecessary contact we will stay closed.

In order to support our customers who still need to work, we have a limited capacity for deliveries on our company vehicles.
If you wish to or need to order goods please email us at paintshop@gcjohnson.com
and leave us your phone contact details…if we are able to we will call you to arrange to deliver to you locally free of charge. We will need payment by card over the phone unless you have an account with us and we will drop your goods at your door and phone you immediately to tell you they are there.
I have given my staff the opportunity to stay at home, those who do in order to avoid contact will be paid, those that choose to work will do the best they can to provide our service to you.

We are answering the phone as and when we can, but we are very short staffed. Please be patient if we are busy, we will all do the best we can.
I hope all of you stay safe and healthy.
I believe my decision is the only moral one available to me and will help bring the situation under control as quickly as possible and help relieve the strain the NHS is undoubtedly going to suffer.

We will constantly update our website with information and all social media steams will also be updated regularly.
I thank you for your support, wish you well and hope that this situation passes as quickly and with as little damage as is possible.


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