Working from home? Tips to make the most of the space you have

Your new office might now also be your home but it’s important to make sure that there is a seperation between your work life & home life.

Here you will find some tips & tricks to make the most of your new work space!


Good lighting is key & having as much natural light as possible will help increase productivity. Studies have shown that those working in natural light stay on task 15% longer than those with artificial lighting only. With that said, why not move your desk near a window. Not only will the natural light be a huge benefit but nature can also impact your mental health by improving your mood and helping to reduce stress.

Open space, open mind

Create the sensation of limitless space by reducing visual clutter. In order to stay focused, avoid placing your desk in the sight line of anything that reminds you of domestic work. It will make focusing on your projects that little bit more difficult. To create an apperance of a larger space, use a strategically placed mirror to bounce light around the area. Another trick to boost your productivity is to turn your desk to face the room – staring at a wall all day could prove unstimulating!


It’s important to also take into consideration the colours surrounding you & how they will affect your mood. Deep blues are a good way to provoke a sense of confidence, it is also often associated with a feeling of peace and success – what more could you want in your home office?! While we know the benefits of the natural world, using green shades in this space can aid in keeping an open mind – house plants are a great way to do this. Green is also commonly associated with money which makes it a popular choice for offices.

Tell your brain it’s time to work

It’s important that you are able to switch off from ‘work mode’ at the end of the day – especially when you’re not physically leaving work to go home. Try styling your home office set up like your old work desk – place mats & photos can help to make the space you’re using feel more desk like. Room divider’s are similarly a great way to create a boundary between work & home. No mess at the end of the work day can help you relax after a long day at the ‘office’ therefore good storage is key!

Let us know in the comments if you have anymore tips for creating the perfect WFH set up.

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