The 5th Wall!

Statement ceilings are becoming popular again! With homeowners getting braver and introducing bolder patterns on the wall, and feature flooring and rugs- why not turn the idea on its head?

Say goodbye to the traditional white ceilings and welcome colour and pattern.

Use anything from stunning floral, leaves or geometric as such as these gorgeous designs shown below from House of Hackney, and Cole & Son.

Come into the showroom for lots more inspiring ideas for wallpapers that would suit your home.


Images from; Project Nursery/Instagram. House of Hackney- Castanea and Pluma and Cole & Son Fornasetti Nuvolette.



How your favourite accent colours affect your mood

Looking for an injection of colour? There are a few important points to consider when making these decorating choices.

To start, decide how the room is to be used and the type of atmosphere you want to achieve. Your choice of colour will set the character and mood of the space.

Next, consider the effects of the natural light you have. Three important aspects to think about are; the time of day you are likely to use the room most; the size of the natural light source; orientation of the room. Watch out for our next blog to find out more about how light and the orientation of the room will impact your colour scheme. 

There are two ways in which we look at colour:

  • Intellectually – this is us coordinating colours logically using colour scheming.
  • Psychologically – using emotional responses to select colour.

Any psychological response to colour is an individual experience, it is essentially based upon how we feel about a particular colour. An emotional reaction will often arise from memories, this can therefore create a very personal response.

Colour can work wonders in enhancing our mood, however it is important not to forget that each colour has its advantages and disadvantages. Often using too much of a particular colour can intensify its negative effects.

We have broken down the effects of the most popular colours for interior design:



Blue represents serenity, intelligence and protection. These qualities mean blue is a great accent for offices, it is believed to lead to increased success and great achievements. Due to its obvious association with water, blue is often used in kitchens and bathrooms. Too much blue can quickly become cold and unwelcoming. A good way to avoid this is to balance the blue with colours with warm undertones, for example yellows and creams.


Nature, balance and harmony are all associated with this earthy colour. Particularly restful are pale greens – which pair well with accents of blue and turquoise. Green is frequently used in bedrooms due to its natural calming effect, however as the common phrase “green with envy” suggests, large doses of this colour can incur feelings of jealousy.


Representing energy, happiness and creativity, yellow is the best colour to create enthusiasm. This colour can also awaken greater confidence and optimism. It’s association with sunshine provides yellow with the ability to appear as a light source in its own right. As with most colours, using too much yellow can have an adverse effect, inducing fear and anxiety. It is known that babies may cry more in yellow rooms so it is best avoided in bedrooms in general. On the other hand, yellow accents are perfect for producing sunny kitchens and bathrooms.


The energizing colour orange represents reassurance and warmth. As a result of its motivational qualities, this cheerful social colour is often using in gyms and by active wear brands. Orange also carries a glow that can be used to good effect in north facing rooms. Despite this, it is advised to use this colour with discretion in order to create an atmosphere of vivaciousness, spontaneity and liveliness! Bear in mind that over large areas, orange can appear overpowering.


The colour of passion, power, optimism and adventure. Red has the longest wavelength of all the colours meaning it overrules all other colours. The attention grabbing colour not only stimulates the brain it also increases the heart rate. Along with the ability to stimulate appetite and conversation, red is a great choice for dining rooms. Its romantic nature means it is a popular choice for bedrooms. The benefits of red don’t stop there, this hue flatters the skin therefore it is an excellent background for rooms that are used for social occasions.


With connotations of calm, sweetness and love, pink is an enchanting colour to use in bedrooms. Its soothing properties are able to counteract anger and violence. Nevertheless, pink still has its disadvantages when used in excess – this colour can also cause emotional claustrophobia. Don’t be scared, it can easily be balanced with the use of black and grey. Fun Fact – pink is the only tint colour with its own name!


Representing creativity and mystery, the heavenly lilac is proven to be the most spiritual colour. For a calming space, try using lilac in a bathroom  or bedroom. However, remember that too much lilac can promote feelings of depression so add some brighter tones to prevent this.


Black is a colour that implies sophistication, formality and protection. This strong hue provides a space with protective barriers as it absorbs energy and conceals identity. On the other hand, within some schemes, black can also be used to highlight specific aspects of a room. Evoking a sense of sophistication and glamour, black truly is a classic. The powerful colour can cause depression and a negative environment if used too much. Correct use of black can create a dramatic atmosphere without being oppressive.


This mature colour brings with it a sense of independence and alongside it being said that it promotes productivity, grey is a popular choice for offices. Grey is extremely trendy at the moment, mostly due to its versatility, this hue has the ability to work well in any setting. Although due to its absence of colour, grey can be suppressive. With certain undertones, grey can be dull, leading to a lack of energy within the space. As a contrasting bright yellow works wonderfully with grey.


White represents sophistication, purity and simplicity. White has the ability to visually create the illusion of space and height – this is because of its reflective qualities. When used against other colours, white will cause them to appear fresh and clean. The disadvantage to white is that if it is used in large quantities it can be a strain to look at. It can also be perceived as sterile and unfriendly.


Being softer, warmer and more mellow than black, brown can be used as a good neutral base. This colour implies naturalness and comfort, being a hue often found in nature and associated with earth it carries a sense of security and stability. This also means brown can easily create a rustic effect. Brown is a very solid colour often favoured for male interior design, this is mostly because of its strength and maturity as a neutral.


Bare in mind that each colour will look different in every space, so do get samples to ensure your chosen colour create the room you desire.

How to use the pink interior trend…

Cole and son flamingo scheme

One shade that is proving popular this season is pale pink. From nude to blush to a splash of raspberry, this colour can be used everywhere. Here is our how to guide to using the on-trend shade in your home.

  1. Painting with pale pink

    Paint all walls your favourite soft shade of pink for a scheme that has an effortlessly soothing effect. Painting with a soft, light hue as the dominant colour in a room will allow for a restful space that can easily be transformed to a whole new look, simply by adding strong colours through curtaining, upholstery and accessories. With that in mind, try Farrow & Ball’s Pink Ground to achieve the perfect backdrop for bolder hues – why not team this paint with burgundy tones for a look that is timelessly chic. Farrow and Ball pink ground roomset When using Pink Ground or alike as the dominant colour, look at a darker accent colour for the skirting boards, window surrounds and other woodwork, darker hues such as Charleston Gray or Dove’s Tale will create a warm, inviting space. F&B pink ground

    Looking for a more mellow space? Consider painting a subtle nude shade as the neutral hue within the interior. From here you can create a scheme that oozes sophistication, either through furniture, accessories or surrounding wood work, just pair your paint with soft greys and off-whites. A great way to produce this look within your own space is with Farrow & Ball’s Dead Salmon. FARROW AND BALL DEAD SALMONDon’t forget that whether it be a stylish sofa or accent accessories, an injection of powder pink will animate this type of interior. Another way to use this trendy paint colour is to create a feature with a range of pink shades, transforming a space from dull to dreamy. If you really want to have some fun experiment with a linear paint treatment, or even a geometric feature. Little Greene’s Dorchester Pink range, available in four shades, is perfect for this look. LG DORCHESTER PINKPink geometric paint

  2. Go from girly to grown up

    Although it is known that pink often creates an idyllic young girls room, pink can also create a mature space. In order to create a grown up aesthetic, try using blush as an accent colour, this can work with either a neutral such as grey or if you are feeling brave try incorporating another trend – emerald green! Palm design with pink accentFor a bit of fun experiment with palm prints, another current interior trend. Palm print with pink accentAlso, why not have two accent colours? Go for a neutral interior but bring in tones of blush and emerald for a sophisticated look you will love! This will create a smart space with a splash of colour.Neutral with blush and emerald You could be really adventurous and go for a black and white interior – accents of blush and emerald will soften what could otherwise be a harsh look.  Black and white with emerald and pink To accentuate this type of look perfectly, look for brass and gold tones within other elements of the space.

    Another great way to prevent pink from looking too girly and young is to combine layers of various hues. A modern-meets-vintage look can be easily created by simply teaming this interior with mirror-like metallics. Think of raspberry, rose and seashell pink textiles for a grown-up scheme.

  3. Accessorise with pink printsCoach house rose dome

    Kirkby cushion pinkNervous about introducing colour in your home? Sometimes by using a print you can bring in a variety of colours without the overall look being too bold, so go ahead and add a few accessories in pink tones. Kirkby cushion pinkKirkby cushion pinkStart simple with just a few pieces, this technique is ideal if you often like to reinvent your interiors as you can swap them for new pieces as the seasons and trends change.   Kirkby cushion pink Coach house flamingo print Coach house orchidCoach house pink votive

  4. No need to ditch grey

    Work pink tones in with your existing grey interior effortlessly!Grey interior with pink ceiling A look currently taking the industry by storm is painted ceilings, so why not give it a go with using a soft pink with grey undertones.Interior with pink ceiling This will couple with grey walls and provide a welcome change from ordinary white. If you are feeling daring, go for a bright. bold pink to wow guests.

    Also consider your fabric choices, instead of various shades of grey, try a subtle pink shade, this a great alternative to redecorating the entire room.

Grey interior pink fabricGrey interior pink accessories

It goes without saying that blush will blend beautifully with grey, it’s delicate and pretty yet still smart and sophisticated.

All sourced images are hyperlinked. Cushion images sourced from Romo, available to buy in store.