Natural Living

The use of natural materials in the home is ever increasing. Wood, ratan, and linen are just a few that are becoming more present in our interiors.

For many, using these natural materials balances our otherwise overly computer-connected lives. As the amount of technology we use continues to increase, adding natural elements to your home can help to offset this & feel more connected to nature.

Natural elements work as stunning neutrals with the ability to add an instant feeling of style & luxury.

Using 100% natural materials comes at a cost, so we are lucky that many companies have created amazing dupes to give you the look without the price tag. One example is Stoopen & Meus with their Conqrete paint. A concrete effect paint that gives you that industrial look & feel of real concrete.

Using natural materials ( or look-a-like alternatives ) give a space a timeless look that will last a lifetime.

Images by Arte – Le Rotin 60510

Colour Drenching

Colour Drenching: using one colour or various shades of it, across different surfaces in a space. 

We are seeing a big move within the industry towards deep, warmer & richer shades, and not only on the walls. It is becoming increasingly popular to carry the same colour – or a shade of it – onto the woodwork and even the ceiling.

It doesn’t have to stop there though.

Jump on the current ‘colour drenching ‘ trend and go for furniture in similar hues to create a sense of intmacy and comfort. This style of decorating can give you the perfect backdop for a statement piece, whether it’s a bold piece of furniture or a striking chandelier.

If you want to break it up a bit, metallics and natural textures are great to disperse blocks of colour without compromising the overall effect.

It is important not to forget the 5th wall – also known as the ceiling. Painting the ceiling & the woodwork in the same colour ( or shade of ) as the walls, can elongate the space as there is a more cohesive flow to the room. This can work to accentuate small spaces.

You don’t have to go dark, this can work just as well with neutral or more timid colours. The key is to keep this colour going on all the surfaces.

Little Greene show this perfectly:

Why not give it a go?

If you’re not sure where to start or what to do, book in for an interior design consultation with one of our team.

Bring the outdoors in

Osborne & Little

As we move from summer into Autumn, nights get darker & days get colder. We often find ourselves spending a lot more time inside than out. But with nature playing a big role in our lives, why not use indoor foliage & botanical prints to bring the outdoors in.

We are continuing to see a trend of tropical designs, whether it is through wallpaper or fabrics. Even accessories such as vases have proven popular in shades of green. With science studies showing that looking at green hues can decrease your heart rate & alleviate stress, it’s no wonder we are all drawn to it! Who doesn’t want to alleviate stress?

It’s not just wallpapers & fabrics though, the industry have also seen a rise in green kitchens. This could be just the island or all units, green has been a hit either way.

So here are a couple of my favourites to inspire your own botanical themed interior: