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Tape Dispenser

Adjustable polythene mobile sheeting dispenser that can take rolls up to 1400mm wide.

Designed to be wheeled upright and then can be turned through 90 degrees so the polythene can be unrolled. Fitted with 2 large 150mm rubber wheels suitable for oven grids and rough floors.

Fitted with 2 large 150mm rubber wheels suitable for oven grids and rough floors.

Keeps your polymask neat and tidy, no more rolls covered in dust or rolling around the floor

Drying Rack

Industrial Quality and fully adjustable

For Storage and Drying Kitchen doors, joinery panels, Auto Door Cards & Windows etc

Size: H- 1925mm W-880mm D-640mm

Also known as spray racks, these racks are used for drying components once painted.

Shelves are coated with a heavy-duty heat resistant coating.

Fully mobile, they can be easily moved around the workshop and spray booth.

Helps keep panels and components safe and tidy.

Tough, robust and fully adjustable in shelf size depth and spacing (80cm increments)

Fitted with 100mm swivel casters with one braked.

Total Weight Capacity – 100kg

Replacement Parts & accessories

Air Hose 8mm

Masking Film Safety Cutter

2Ltr Pressure Pot

Viscosity Cup

Mixing Jug

17 Piece Cleaning Kit


Earthborn Paints

Lifestyle vs Claypaint : What’s the difference?

With all the different paint finishes available to offer to your customers, sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between certain products like what makes our Claypaint different from our Lifestyle range.

Choosing between Earthborn Lifestyle paint and Earthborn Claypaint ultimately depends on the specific needs and preferences of the customer and what type of project they are working on. Both paints offer exceptional benefits, including low environmental impact, a wide range of colours and unique formulations.

Let’s start with our Lifestyle emulsion, this is the most durable paint in our range as it’s easy to clean and long lasting. A few key points to keep in mind when speaking to customers:

  • Easy to clean – no more stains and smudges. Lifestyle is a washable paint, meaning you can wipe away spills and marks effortlessly.
  • Durable and long lasting – Lifestyle is built to withstand the wear and tear of busy family life, making it an investment that pays off.
  • Pet friendly – perfect for households with furry friends as it resists mucky paws and is designed to endure playful pets.
  • Child Safe and environmentally friendly – Lifestyle is virtually VOC free and environmentally friendly, ensuring a healthy living environment for your family and pets.
  • Low sheen finish – Lifestyle has a 17% sheen finish, but as you can see from the large swatch on our colour cards, it really is quite matt.

Moving onto Claypaint, this is the most luxurious ultra matt emulsion in our range. A few key points to keep in mind when speaking to customers:

  • Highly breathable – Its highly breathable formulation is also free from oils and acrylics so is ideal for use over lime plaster, but can also be used on standard plaster and previously painted surfaces.
  • Coverage – its great coverage power makes it easy to apply and usually means less coats are needed compared to conventional emulsions.
  • Child safe and environmentally friendly – virtually VOC free and environmentally friendly, ideal for all the family.
  • Ultra matt finish – A 2.6% sheen level means it has a distinctive, ultra matt finish.
  • Pair with Wall Glaze – you can finish with a diluted coat of Earthborn Wall Glaze to create a more durable finish.

Whether your customers are looking to refresh a modern space or restore a historic property, Earthborn can help. Check out the colour range here.

Find the ultimate primer with Zinsser

Primed for perfection

Whether you’re dealing with knots, smoke damage, tricky surfaces or graffiti, Zinsser has the ultimate primer-sealer to prepare any substrate before painting. Read on to find out the perfect primer for your next decorating job.

Renowned the world over

Tried and trusted by professional decorators everywhere, B-I-N is the ultimate shellac-based primer-sealer and stain-killer for interior-surfaces and exterior spot-priming. Known as the problem-solving paint product, B-I-N offers unparalleled adhesion to any surface, blocks stubborn stains from water, mildew and fire damage, and effectively seals all types of odours.

A water-based game changer

B-I-N AQUA is a water-based alternative to the world-renowned original B-I-N. The ground breaking 4-in-1 primer-sealer, stain-killer and odour-blocker has the same performance advantages as B-I-N, with the added benefit of Trace VOCs (<0.1%) and easy soap and water clean-up. B-I-N AQUA expertly seals knots and sap streaks and is the only full surface, knot blocking, exterior primer in the Zinsser range.

Stand up to stains

Cover Stain is the only interior and exterior, primer-sealer, stain sealer and bond coat that dries for re-coat in just two hours. Especially effective on water and nicotine, Cover Stain permanently seals stains of all kinds to keep topcoats blemish free. Suitable for use under any solvent or water-based topcoat and tintable to most pastel, mid-tone and deep-tone shades.

Tricky surfaces won’t win

A universal, interior and exterior primer-sealer, Bulls Eye 1-2-3 offers excellent adhesion to difficult, glossy surfaces, and has a unique, water-based formula for low-odour and quick-drying times. Bulls Eye 1-2-3 is rust-inhibitive and mould-resistant, and is ideal for blocking stains such as graffiti, grease spots, tar and asphalt. For oil, water, fire or smoke damage stains, try our next generation Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Plus.

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