Graco Ultra Quickshot

The NEW Graco Ultra Quickshot

Experience unmatched portability with a perfect airless finish

Perfect airless finish

Whether it’s doors, trims, cabinets or accent walls, the Ultra Quickshot is designed to deliver a smooth and perfect airless finish for all your small jobs.

Instant trigger response

The lightweight electric gun has an instant response trigger so spitting is virtually impossible. Adjust the flow at the gun for extreme spray control.

Portability and convenience

The cordless spray unit is belt-mounted while the 1.8m hose gives optimal mobility. Quick start-up, fast refilling and easy cleaning ensure ultimate convenience.

Zooming in on the industry’s first electric powered gun

Small and lightweight

The QuickShot gun is smaller and lighter than any other Graco airless spray gun, giving you the ultimate level of spray control, even in the tightest of areas.

80x faster than traditional spray guns

The lightweight electric gun has an instant response trigger that reacts 80x faster than traditional airless guns. It reduces fatigue and spitting is virtually impossible 

Easy flow adjustment at the gun

The pressure dial built into the gun gives total spray control. You quickly set the pressure from 7 to 138 bar, depending on the job you need to do.

Farrow & Ball Colour Trends – Purple

Walls:Imperial Purple No.W40

Purple paint is the unexpected workhorse of the Farrow & Ball palette, ranging from understated almost-greys to deep plums and indigos to offer a huge array of styles and moods. Dark purple shades, whose royal connections date back to antiquity, still have a tangibly luxe feel that suits guest rooms and entertaining spaces down the ground, while lighter shades of purple are soothing and subtly playful.

How to Use Purple Paint

A very pale lilac paint looks at home in almost any space, creating a nearly neutral scheme with a just-tangible twist – try Calluna to transform home offices and communal rooms into minimal yet inspiring spaces. Light to mid-toned purples like Sugared Almond and Brassica are great fun for kids’ and teenagers’ rooms, while the richness and depth of Brinjal, Pelt and Paean Black make for thoroughly grown-up dining rooms, living rooms and master bedrooms.

Light Purple Paint

Walls: Calluna No.270

Walls: Brassica No.271

Between them, our three shades of light purple paint can create a whole range of looks and feels. Delicate Calluna treads the line between purple and grey, making it an unexpected yet fitting choice for this elegant dining room. Try it with a much darker trim colour, as our Colour Consultant has done here with Mahogany, for a stylish, high contrast look that keeps the whole effect from being too “pastel”.

For fun kids’ rooms and entertaining spaces, try our more pink-toned Archive colour Sugared Almond alongside bright yellow accents (yes, really!), while for older kids’ rooms, Brassica strikes the perfect balance between playful and grown-up.

Deep Purple Paint

Walls: Paean Black No.294

Panelling: Brinjal No.222

Deep purple paint works wonders in spaces of all sizes. In this open plan home, Paean Black creates an intimate living area that feels separate from the bright and airy dining space, adding structure and interest. In an attic bathroom, Brinjal enhances the room’s distinctive shape and cosy feel, making for a luxurious little escape. It can be tempting to go for white or grey in compact rooms like this one, but embracing low light and small spaces with a luxurious chocolate, plum, navy or dark purple paint colour can be much more rewarding, so don’t be afraid to go bold!

Purple Exterior Paint

Door: Brassica No.271

Railings:Pelt No.254

With our hard-wearing exterior finishes, you can treat almost any outdoor feature to a lick of purple paint, adding personality and protection in one. Our recommended paint finishes for exterior wood and metal, Full Gloss and Exterior Eggshell, are protected against peeling, cracking and fading for up to six years. So, whether you’re looking to wow the neighbours with a statement purple door, railings, fences, sheds, or shutters, you can do so with the confidence that they’ll stay looking pristine for many seasons to come.

Farrow & Ball colour trends – Brown

Walls: Salon Drab No.290 in Modern Emulsion and Wimborne White No.239

Brown paint is back in a big way, and it’s little wonder. Ranging from earthy, grounding and nature-inspired to deep, rich and luxurious, brown can create a wide range of moods in any room – and any outside space, too – without ever feeling cold.

How to Use Brown Paint

Taking up the mantle from grey, brown paint is the new use-anywhere neutral. Paler, sandy tones like Stony Ground and Jitney create beautiful brown bedrooms, creating a warm and soothing atmosphere with the lightest of touches. Pink-toned Dead Salmon is an on-trend brown kitchen option, while Mouse’s Back and Broccoli Brown work wonders in home offices, creating seriously studious spaces with a hint of cool. For dining rooms and living rooms, go for a rich deep brown like Tanner’s Brown or Salon Drab for luxuriously inviting vibes.

Light Brown Paint Colours

Walls: Jitney No.293 in Estate Emulsion; Trim: Tanner’s Brown No.255

Move over, magnolia. Light brown is a super versatile option for walls, ceilings and trim alike – soft and relaxing enough to be used in any sort of space, but with an undeniable trend-led touch. For a warm, enveloping space, try pairing pinky-brown Dead Salmon with a woodwork colour from our Red Based Neutrals group, such as Pointing or Dimity. For something more unexpected, try flipping the contrast the other way, with Jitney walls and Tanner’s Brown woodwork.

Dark Brown Paint Colours

Walls: Broccoli Brown No.W108

Feature Wall: London Clay No.244

Rich espresso and chocolate shades are the ultimate in luxury, creating inviting spaces for cosy evenings and intimate gatherings. Dark brown paint can bring just as much drama as designer favourite black, just with a little extra warmth – try it on a single wall for an eye-catching feature, to highlight architectural details or trim, or all over for a truly enveloping feel.