Farrow & Ball Colour Trends – Pink

Walls:Pink Ground No.202 in Modern Emulsion; Cabinetry: Duck Green No.W55 in Modern Eggshell

Whether rich and jewel-like or soft and subtle, pink paint can come in many guises. No longer the reserve of nurseries and children’s rooms, the new pinks offer a versatile palette for every kind of space, with grown-up, greyed-out shades and bold flashes of colour sitting side by side with the sweetest rose, blush and baby pink hues.

Pale Pink Paint Colours

Fresh and uncomplicated, Middleton Pink is the most delicate of our pink paint colours, making it just as lovely an option for soothing living spaces as for nurseries and children’s rooms. For a distinctly grown-up look, try Peignoir or Calamine, soft pinks with a generous touch of grey that counteracts any potential sugariness and gives a gorgeous depth of colour.

Walls: Middleton Pink No.245 in Modern Emulsion

Walls and Ceiling: Peignoir No.286 in Modern Emulsion

Blush Pink Paint Colours

Pink Ground, with its large dose of yellow pigment, creates the softest blush of colour for warm, soothing spaces. The similarly subtle Setting Plaster mimics the shade of – you guessed it – freshly plastered walls, and creates a universally flattering backdrop to favourite pieces of wall art and furniture. Both are delicate enough to be taken across the walls and ceiling, creating welcoming rooms that you won’t be able to resist whiling away the hours in.

Walls and Ceiling: Pink Ground No.202 in Estate Emulsion

Walls: Setting Plaster No.231 in Modern Emulsion

Bright Pink Paint Colours

Vibrant pinks are clean, uplifting, and invigorating, creating spaces that instantly prompt a smile. Rangwali is an intensely pigmented pink that transforms smaller spaces into secret pockets of joyful colour – if you’re feeling brave, try it on the ceiling as well as the walls. In larger rooms, you can balance a softer bright pink like Nancy’s Blushes by stopping short of the ceiling and pairing with a clean, uncomplicated white.

Walls and Woodwork: Rangwali No.296

Walls and Woodwork: Nancy’s Blushes No.278

Dusky Pink Paint Colours

Dusky pink paint is a natural next step for lovers of neutrals, combining the cosy yet contemporary appeal of pink with the versatility and easygoing nature of soft greys and beiges. Dead Salmon is one of our most changeable shades, shifting from mushroom to pink depending on the light, while Cinder Rose is our truest, bluest dusky pink. Sulking Room Pink, which strikes the perfect balance between grey and pink, brings out the best in traditional and contemporary spaces alike

Walls: Sulking Room Pink No.295

Walls and Ceiling: Sulking Room Pink No.295

Pink Furniture Paint

One of the easiest ways to embrace any trend-led shade in your interiors, without committing to a new wall colour, is with furniture paint. Our Estate Eggshell, Modern Eggshell and Full Gloss finishes come in every shade of pink in our palette, which means plenty of scope to experiment with kitchen cabinets and favourite furniture. Our toy-safe Estate and Modern ranges, have been independently tested and approved to meet Toy Safety Standards, you can even try your hand at transforming cots and toys

Walls and Ceiling: Strong White No.2001

Cabinetry: Dead Salmon No.28 in Modern Eggshell

Farrow & Ball Colour Trends – Red

Walls:Preference Red No.297 in Modern Emulsion; Ceiling:School House White No.291 in Modern Emulsion

Red paint is a striking option for all kinds of spaces, and much more versatile than you might think. Our shades of red paint run the gamut from moody burgundy to soft terracotta, intense bright red to almost-orange, creating lots of beautiful possibilities for living rooms, dining rooms, hallways and more.

How to Use Red Paint

The power of red paint lies in its unexpected variety. A bright red such as Incarnadine or Blazer can add drama and attention-grabbing impact to a room, perfect for hallways, entertaining rooms, or any space that could do with a little extra wow-factor. For rooms typically used more in the evening, including living rooms and bedrooms – yes, a red bedroom can be restful! – a deep red colour such as Preference Red will create a luxurious atmosphere, while a soft terracotta like Red Earth will feel effortlessly laid-back.

Carmine Paint Colours

Walls: Rectory Red No.217 in Estate Emulsion and Full Gloss

Walls: Radicchio No.96 in Full Gloss

Whether carmine, crimson or scarlet, bright red paint can create dramatic spaces all on its own. If you’re feeling brave, up the ante even more with contrasting finishes. Durable Full Gloss enhances the glamour of wooden panelling, as in this elegant front room, but a carefully chosen finish can also create interest on even the plainest of walls – simply paint a wide stripe in the same colour with a different sheen level, as the owners of this hallway have done with chalky Estate Emulsion and red gloss paint.

Earthy Red Paint Colours

Walls and Trim: Book Room Red No.50 in Estate Emulsion and Estate Eggshell

Walls: Red Earth No.64, Lulworth Blue No.89 and Mouse’s Back No.40 in Modern Emulsion

If you’re looking to our reds to create warm and welcoming spaces, a rich terracotta colour may be just the thing. Red Earth can look almost coral in brighter light and more earthy in low light, making it a lovely choice for rooms that are used at all times of the day, like this teen bedroom. Sharing a similar blend of yellow and red pigments, Book Room Red has a similarly warming feel, but it’s deeper in tone and creates a more traditional effect.

Rich Red Paint Colours

Stairs and Trim: Eating Room Red No.43 in Modern Eggshell

Walls: Preference Red No.297 and School House White No.291 in Estate Emulsion

Our rich reds make for inviting rooms whether they’re used from floor to ceiling or in moderation. Eating Room Red is a rich burgundy with a lived-in feel, a perfect partner for equally aged neutrals like Stony Ground and Dead Salmon. For the ultimate deep red colour, try Preference Red. Don’t feel daunted by its rich intensity – used in a low-contrast palette with Sulking Room Pink and Paean Black, it creates a beautiful berry-toned backdrop to a master bedroom.

Orange Red Paint Colours

Stools: Harissa No.9916 in Modern Eggshell

Walls: Blazer No.212 in Estate Emulsion

Orange based reds are some of our most cheerful shades – you can’t help but smile when you walk into a room painted in Blazer, Charlotte’s Locks, or the archived Harissa. Charlotte’s Locks is our truest orange-red tone, particularly effective when used in small doses, and extra exuberant in Full Gloss. Or, for a more subtle red paint, try the charming vermillion shade Blazer.

Red Accents

Walls and Ceiling: Dimpse No.277 in Modern Emulsion

Walls:Incarnadine No.248, Drawing Room Blue No.253 and All White No.2005 in Modern Emulsion

Red doesn’t have to be used all over to make a statement. For a contemporary look, use flashes of Eating Room Red on architectural features, as the owners of this minimal attic bedroom have done, or create easily changeable elements of interest in a teen’s room with modern blocks of Incarnadine and Drawing Room Blue against a clean white background.

Red Exterior Paint

Door: Rectory Red No.217 in Full Gloss

Door: Incarnadine No.248 in Exterior Eggshell

Front doors are the perfect candidate for a lick of red paint – it creates a bold statement in a small space, and it’s sure to make you smile every time you see it. Plus, our recommended finishes for front doors, Full Gloss and Exterior Eggshell, are protected against peeling, cracking and fading for up to six years, so your choice of cherry, burgundy or postbox red will stay looking stunning come rain or shine. Still need convincing? This festive Rectory Red front door ought to do it.

Farrow & Ball Colour Trends – Greens

Calke Green No.34 in Estate Emulsion

Often associated with health and rejuvenation, green paint is a lush and uplifting choice for any room of the home.

It’s unmatched in its ability to bring life to any space, representing the balanced tones of nature and promoting a feeling of wellness and vigour. And, with our palette of verdant shades from deep forest green and vibrant emerald to delicate, understated sage, being green is easier than ever.

Light Green Paint Colours

For a comfortable country house style, no matter where you live, look to a sage green paint such as Lichen or Vert de Terre. These muted greens create tranquil rooms and are the perfect backdrop for more traditional features and furnishings. For an upbeat feel, opt for a cleaner green like Cooking Apple Green or Green Ground – they feel right at home in kitchens thanks to their refreshing, outdoorsy feel – or turn to silvery Ball Green for a more sophisticated-feeling space.

Olive No.13 in Estate Emulsion

Old White No.4 in Modern Eggshell and Modern Emulsion

Dark Green Paint Colours

It’s often seen as a serious shade, yet there’s something undeniably down-to-earth about rooms painted in dark green. Whether you opt for the elegant depth and intensity of Duck Green, or the rich, warm tones of our olive green paint Bancha, you’ll find dark green the perfect backdrop for gathered treasures and favourite pieces. Sober Calke Green results in welcoming, intimate spaces, making it a great choice for bedrooms and snugs, while the subtle, atmospheric smokiness of Card Room Green or Green Smoke means they’re ideally suited to studies.

Duck Green W55 in Estate Emulsion | Snow White W1 in Estate Eggshell

Bancha No.298 in Modern Emulsion

Grey Green Paint

If you want to create a really relaxing space, look no further than French Gray. This organic colour creates rooms with a carefree feel, especially in a low-contrast scheme, and has an extraordinary ability to shift in the changing light, reading greener in well-lit rooms and greyer in darker spaces. Stronger Treron reacts in exactly the same way – this greener spin on our beloved Pigeon takes on an entirely new character in full sun, making it an excellent choice for exteriors.

French Gray No.18 in Estate Eggshell

Ash Grey No.W9 in Estate Emulsion | Snow White No.W1 in Estate Emulsion

Vibrant Green Paint

Vibrant shades of green create a lively atmosphere, and Arsenic is as vibrant as they come. Our lively mint green paint never fails to raise a smile, even when used in the smallest amounts. Clean, fresh Yeabridge Green is similarly bright and optimistic, but with a lush countryside feel, while the slightly more reserved tone of Breakfast Room Green makes for an easygoing atmosphere. Yellow-toned Churlish Green, meanwhile, brings any room instantly to life, especially in Full Gloss.

Arsenic No.214 in Estate Emulsion | St. Giles Blue No.280 in Modern Emulsion

Yeabridge Green No.287 in Estate Emulsion | All White No.2005 in Estate Eggshell