Can you remember what colour I had?

Most of us decorate regularly.

Trouble is, for some, regularly means every five or six years!

Trends and fashions change and if you’re like me, memory often fails too!

But, if you’re trying to remember what paint you used as you’re not trying to keep up with fashion, just keep your house looking nice and want the same again, I suspect you’ll find the answer in that massive pile of old paint cans in the shed.

The rusty ones. Covered in spider webs. That got damp. With the faded labels. Hmm…

Ok. So. I’ll ask them in the paint shop. They know me. I’m always in there!

Well, a year ago, we finally entered the 21st century. We now have a system that can indeed, remember you! If you give us your details at the point of purchase we can store them and help out when needed.

But, I still use the most fail safe method I can think of!

When I finish painting, the very last thing I do is loosen the two screws holding the light switch to the wall, pull it away and underneath, on the wall, with an old fashioned pencil write: 

Ceiling: Benjamin Moore Aura Matte Neon Green 2031/10

Walls: Farrow And Ball, Estate Emulsion, Charlottes Locks, 

Trim: Little Green, Intelligent Eggshell, Purpleheart. 

(Go on, I dare you to Google my colour scheme!)

And the date I painted it. 

You can even repeat the process for wallpaper!

Problem solved.

It’s always there and when you decide on a colour or finish change, simply rub it out or paint over it and repeat!

The older I get, the harder it is to remember things, if I need to put something new in, I have to let something old out!

Little things like this make the difference!

Happy decorating folks.


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