Colour Card – Dulux Heritage

Our carefully selected colours have been expertly curated into different tonal palettes to make finding your perfect shade easy. Switch between ‘tone’ to view by shade, and ‘colour group’ to view by colour.


These whites have been specially selected to coordinate effortlessly with the other tones in the same column of colour, whether for your woodwork, walls or ceilings.


These shades bring a light and airy feel to a space or can be used against mid or deep tones to ‘lift’ ceilings and woodwork.


Choose one of these shades to create a cosy and comfortable space; they pair beautifully with a white or pale tone for a softer look.


Make an impact with one of these colours across all walls or use them, balanced with a subtle white, to enhance a focal point.

The colours shown on this web-site are for guidance only and will vary depending on monitor and browser type. Colours shown should not be taken as a representation of the true colours or finish of the products.
In addition, the colours represented in the products available from this site may vary from the standard colour references (e.g. RAL, British Standard etc.) or from other products of the same colour designation. GC Johnson’s does not accept responsibility for any variation in colour or finish between product ranges and/or suppliers or from variations in colour or finish between or within batches of product from the same supplier nor for any unintended errors on the website/colour database.