Colour Card – Mylands

Colour of London

London made and inspired, Colours of London is a celebration of Mylands’ British roots and long standing relationship with the capital. Comprising of 120 timeless colours, each shade is named after a district, landmark or iconic individual associated with this great city.

Acanthus Leaf No.12

Alderman No.60

Amber Grey No.156

Archway House No.106

Artillery Ground No164

Arts Club No281

Beaufort Gardens No212

Beauvais No195

Bedford Square No229

Beehive Place No140

Belgravia No6

Blackout No41

Bloomsbury No267

Blueprint No50

Boathouse No33

Bond Street No219

Bridge Blue No222

Brompton Road No205

Burlington Arcade No216

Cadogan Stone No59

Cavendish Cream No120

Chambers Gate No85

Charterhouse No4

Chester Square No199

Chiswick No100

Circle Line No45

Clerkenwell No21

Copper Green No36

Cornhill No128

Cotton Street No3

Covent Garden Floral No270

Crace No16

Downing Street No10

Drury Lane No115

Duke’s House No44

Early Lavender No260

Eaton Square No232

Egyptian Grey No154

Elgin No20

Empire Grey No171

Fitzrovia No26

Flanders Grey No110

Floral Street No147

Floris No27

French Green No187

Golden Square No131

Greenstone No190

Greenwich Time No8

Grosvenor Square No109

Hawksmoor No112

Haymarket No47

Holbein Chamber No7

Holland Park No5

Honest John No58

Hoxton Grey No72

Huguenot No49

Hurlingham No181

Indian Lake No288

Islington No23

Kensington Rose No22

Lambeth Walk No210

Lavender Garden No30

Leadenhall No118

Lemon Salts No43

Limehouse No31

Lock Keeper No18

Lolly-Pop No275

London Brown No287

London Plane No200

Long Acre No102

Lots Road No24

Ludgate Circus No89

Maritime No236

Market Green No38

Maugham White No2

Mayfair Dark No218

Messel No39

Mews Blue No98

Mid Wedgewood No113

Millbank No254

Mint Street No95

Morning Blue No32

Mortlake Red No290

Museum No151

Myrtle Green No168

New Lime No149

Notting Hill No213

Observatory No34

Onslow No48

Oratory No237

Osterley No25

Pale Lilac No246

Palmerston Pink No243

Pimlico No136

Plum Tree No283

Portcullis No170

Primrose Hill No201

Pure White No1

Rose Theatre No249

Rothschild Street No296

Serpentine No192

Shoreditch No15

Sinner No238

Sloane Square No92

Smithfield No19

Soho Pink No266

St Clement No11

St James No40

St Martins No37

Stockwell Green No203

Syon Park No13

Temple Bar No70

The Boltons No28

Theatre Land No282

Threadneedle No262

Verdure Yellow No148

Walbrook No142

Walpole No42

Westmoreland No160

Wharf Sacking No127

Whitehall No9

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