Graco Ultra Quickshot

The NEW Graco Ultra Quickshot

Experience unmatched portability with a perfect airless finish

Perfect airless finish

Whether it’s doors, trims, cabinets or accent walls, the Ultra Quickshot is designed to deliver a smooth and perfect airless finish for all your small jobs.

Instant trigger response

The lightweight electric gun has an instant response trigger so spitting is virtually impossible. Adjust the flow at the gun for extreme spray control.

Portability and convenience

The cordless spray unit is belt-mounted while the 1.8m hose gives optimal mobility. Quick start-up, fast refilling and easy cleaning ensure ultimate convenience.

Zooming in on the industry’s first electric powered gun

Small and lightweight

The QuickShot gun is smaller and lighter than any other Graco airless spray gun, giving you the ultimate level of spray control, even in the tightest of areas.

80x faster than traditional spray guns

The lightweight electric gun has an instant response trigger that reacts 80x faster than traditional airless guns. It reduces fatigue and spitting is virtually impossible 

Easy flow adjustment at the gun

The pressure dial built into the gun gives total spray control. You quickly set the pressure from 7 to 138 bar, depending on the job you need to do.

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