Harlow Town FC and G C Johnson

Pat & Ryan Harlow Town FC
By Pat Wallace

Not long after we opened our new shop in Harlow, Ryan and I attended a match at Harlow Town FC. The stadium is only a stones throw from our new shop, we’re at one end of the appropriately named Stadium Way, they are at the other.The atmosphere was fantastic and we met the people who run the club, all of them passionate, lovely people.So impressed were we that we asked if we could be involved in some small way, the club offered us the opportunity to have 3 signboard hoardings around the pitch.We spoke with two of our lovely exclusive partners, Benjamin Moore and Tikkurila who loved the idea of supporting a small football club and next thing you know we were an official sponsor!Within a week we were assisting with the repainting of the changing room floors and the decoration of the new gym and personal training facility in the ground.Ryan and I have attended several matches, unfortunately interrupted by the Covid 19 football closedown, but Harlow Town are back and so are we!We’d love to see any of you at a match, I’m sure you’d all enjoy it!Please let us know if you’d like a ticket and I’m sure we could help out.You can even park in our shop car park, there’s plenty of space!
So, come on The Hawks!

Image Credit: yourharlow.com

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