ARTE International Wallpaper


Sculptura draws its inspiration from traditional plasterwork. Strips of plaster were arranged into a pattern by hand and then transformed into a surprising vinyl collection. The typical plaster structure of mesh, cracks and uneven areas is clearly visible. This intriguing wallcovering with its surprising geometric patterns subtly lends a touch of colour, relief and structure to the wall. The shadow play of light and dark brings smooth walls to life. In short, Sculptura lends a subtle decorative touch to your interior without demanding all your attention.


Decorative mouldings have been adorning walls and ceilings in all shapes and styles for centuries. Examples include skirting boards, cornices, wainscoting or wall panels in stately mansions, imposing palaces or listed buildings. These form the source of inspiration for the Objet collection. Not only are these decorative wallcoverings easy to install, but they also add colour, texture and relief. They are finished in a soft suede look for an extra tactile result. As these wallcoverings are 3D, they also have a positive impact on the acoustics in a room.


People have always been attracted to natural materials and woven grasses in particular, which have been used in and around the house for centuries. Over time, these fabrics have become sturdier, with more applications. And now these materials have inspired the Les Naturels collection, in which the warmth of raffia, the subtle texture of sisal and the natural looks of woven grass are finally given the attention they deserve. The materials’ organic origins and authentic colours bring a sense of calm to interiors, drawing nature indoors. They also combine beautifully with the two botanical prints in this collection.


Wood: an authentic, sophisticated and sustainable material. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and pure nature. With visible grains and traces of knots. 

The wallcovering in the Timber collection is made exclusively of Paulownia wood that has been processed with care and craftsmanship. Inlaid geometric patterns produce surprising optical effects. A natural product that derives its exclusivity from its pureness.


Floral patterns in combination with organic shapes are the common thread throughout the Manila collection.

Threads of different materials and thicknesses are meticulously placed in patterns by hand, creating a minimalist design with corresponding relief. The transposition of this artisan precision work to the wall results in a very refined and sophisticated look. Manila follows the interior design trend in which woven threads are integrated into various applications.

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