Romo Wallpaper

Temperley London

An immersive anthology of fantastical wallcoverings that reinterpret the finery and spectacle of the embroidered couture and delicate prints from a Temperley gown.
The exquisite details and luxe finishes bring the glamour of the catwalk to walls. Shimmering spots of leopard print, blossoming florals, intricate scissors, swinging monkeys and leaping leopards are but a few of the magical creations that come to life in this striking collection.

Taking inspiration from the sense of confidence and escapism that Temperley London imparts on its wearers, Lavinia Wallcoverings is a curation of designs that will uplift the home and enthral all those they surround.


The delicate nuances of nature have been wonderfully reimagined in this decorative collection of wallcoverings. Late 19th century documents inspired swirling florals, fluttering birds, and pretty peonies to create a magical backdrop that transfixes the senses. A delicate willow is elegance personified, while layers of detail form an immersive mural reminiscent of a traditional chinoiserie. Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, shimmering backgrounds and subtle textures add an irresistible individuality to each design.


Textural wallcoverings that are confident in their modest appearance, each design is stylishly swathed in unexpected finishing touches that elevate the collection to a desirable level of luxury. A usable mix of subtle semi-plains in varying scales of design, work in contemporary contrast with bold patterns, including wistful willow leaves, striking chevrons and an organic tile design. Unique embosses, flashes of mesmerising metallic and fine textural inks add charm and individuality, while a sultry palette of neutral shades offers versatility.


A stylish collection of understated semi-plain wallcoverings that offers a usable compendium of must have designs. Intricate details are elevated by glimmers of luxe metallics and fine textures that add an unexpected element of design. Unique embosses add depth and dimension, while a refined palette of soft shades and rich metallic tones display another layer of luxury and sophistication.