Wallpaper – Paint & Paper Library

The Paint & Paper Library wallpapers encompass a beautiful selection of botanicals, florals, abstract, geometric and decorative patterns, as well as large scale murals. Designed to complement the Paint & Paper Library colour palette for use in both classic or contemporary design schemes.


A contemporary interpretation of a Toile de Jouy, depicting scenes within the eponymous Abbey Gardens. The soothing scenes have been sensually painted as watercolour artworks then laid out in an informal arrangement to create a wall mural that spans two metres in width. A truly stunning wallpaper that captures the diverse and unique scenes of Tresco’s Abbey Gardens, and brings a little piece of Tresco home to enjoy. Classic colours have been handpicked from the Paint & Paper Library palette to create a two-tone paper that, whilst intricate, is easy-to use in any interior space.


An all-over monochromatic design, depicting the silhouettes of a subtropical aeonium flower. Walls in Abbey Gardens are covered in this elegant plant and the precise drawing style laid out here evokes the texture of these living enclosures. Aeonium is an opportunity to bring a natural motif into an interior scheme to create a subtle backdrop for furniture and paintings. This design can be used all over with confidence. The tones used in each colourway have been carefully selected to ensure they either softly coordinate or strongly contrast with one another; using colour to vary the design’s visual impact according to taste. This paper enjoys a subtle texture and tactile quality that can only be achieved using the traditional surface printing technique.


A bold, floral wall mural, designed to create elegant drama within any interior scheme. This digitally-printed paper, depicting exotic agapanthus and aloe vera provides a stunning backdrop for any room. The sense of scale of the design mirrors the expansive dimensions of the plants in Tresco’s Abbey Gardens and the elegant motif evokes the experience of walking along one of the verdant garden terraces. The agapanthus sits at 160cm tall and the full wall mural spreads across a three metre width.


Traditionally printed, this contemporary, abstract design encompassing island silhouettes surrounded by calm, gently rippling water adds a wonderfully serene element to the collection. Illusion and reflection have been used here to create a design that extends the feeling of lateral space making a room feel more spacious. Originally a watercoloured artwork, this classic all-over paper is printed in a collection of complementary shades. Shimmers of metallic provide extra depth and a reflective quality that appears different depending on the light within a room. A simple, minimal design which evokes a feeling of calm and tranquillity.


An all-over motif depicting small protea buds. Full of promise and optimism, the arrangement of the chalice-shaped flowers is reminiscent of Grecian wall paintings. Found in the gardens at Tresco, this protea bud is depicted exactly to its original scale, capturing an element of life-like quality in the design. The buds have been coloured in a range of graduated neutrals and tones of natural colouring to reflect its former surroundings. An additional bold colourway has been incorporated for a more impactful and dramatic scheme creating strong contrast. This traditionally printed paper offers a design that could be used on one wall as a stand alone or all around a room. The flexibility of this paper offers great scope for use within a variety of different spaces.


A large scale mural, that, on closer inspection, depicts the lines found on nautical charts. The motif was inspired by one of the antique charts found in the Tresco home of the Dorrien-Smith family. The chart has been carefully made into a wallpaper, ensuring the nautical fathoms remain true to the original and the chart itself in keeping with the Tresco seascape. This bold geometric pattern has been coloured in three tones with one dominant colour acting as a focal tone.


A large palm tree motif, depicting the Butia Palm’s iconic shape – a unique, curvaceous trunk, providing something a little extra special and an element of fun. The size of the palm itself creates a feeling of grandeur and the linear spacing allows the design to breathe. This paper has been created in three bold colourways designed to make an impact and create a little drama. Bursting with personality and sophistication, this design can be used in traditional or contemporary spaces. The scale of the design allows the depth of colour to stand out creating an excellent balance between pattern and colour. Lighthouse Palm – Blue Pearl was officially recognised by national interior press in the ‘Best Wallpaper’ category in the Homes & Gardens Fabric Awards 2017.


A classic trail with the impression of a ‘loose stripe’, featuring proteas, birds and butterflies on a plain ground. Like Tresco island itself, these trails contain a complete ecosystem of inhabitants. This organic stripe design combines a range of Original and Architectural colours to provide strong contrasts and subtle highlights within the trail. Flexographically printed, this paper has a smooth, flat finish, providing a more contemporary look to a traditional style.