Zinsser – Mould & Mildrew

An increasing problem within properties in the UK, Zinsser reveals how to keep mould at bay using Universal Degreaser & CleanerMould Killer and RemoverB-I-N® AQUA and PermaWhite (Interior).

Stop mould in its tracks

First, thoroughly clean the surface using Zinsser Universal Degreaser & Cleaner, rinse and allow to dry. Next, apply Zinsser Mould Killer and Remover directly to the surface to remove unsightly dark mould stains from tiles, wood, plaster and wallpaper.

After priming with stain-blocker Zinsser B-I-N® AQUA, simply apply two coats of Zinsser PermaWhite to prevent mould and mildew. PermaWhite is the ultimate paint for any room with high humidity or poor air circulation.

Zinsser Universal Cleaner & Degreaser, Mould Killer & Remover, B-I-N® AQUA and Zinsser PermaWhite (Interior) combine to form the ultimate solution for tackling mould, fungus and algae on any interior surface.

Zinsser Mould Killer& Remover has a fungicidal formula that removes mould stains from internal surfaces including tiles and wallpaper. Ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas of high humidity.
Zinsser Perma-White (Interior) is a mould resistant interior paint, with a unique biocide designed to protect against fungal degradation. Available in both Matt and Satin finishes. Tintable to any BS4800, RAL or NCS colour.
Zinsser Universal Degreaser & Cleaner is a water-based detergent that is colour fast, fabric safe and removes tough stains quickly and effectively from many surfaces.
B-I-N® AQUA is a ground-breaking water-based primer, sealer, stain killer and odour blocker. With exceptional adhesion and ultra-low odour, the advanced formula contains only trace elements of VOCs.

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